Just changed back to a regular Lop-ear Elf, and rediscovered that this armor is actually quite busty.
So, in some sense, X117 races are ones that encourage bigger bust size...

I want so Pizza!

I come across this idea of not seeing much things from Lelouch of Rebellion despite the fact that it was one of those greatest hit of the decade.
Well, there is one mod called "the Black Rebellion" or something, but then development of it stopped at sometime 2009 if I recall it correctly. I guess the mod developer was aware that everyone was expecting stuff of him, while he lacks the skill to do any real model of the costumes, helmet and other mechanical stuffs. With this issue on hand, no matter how good his ideas are, how wonderful his scripting is, it is going to be turn in to complete chaos. Nobody wants to see Lelouch as an Imperial, looking like an average dude.

Well, anyway.
Here is the thing, I am just doing CC, because she is my favorite character in the series.
And these are some Blender images:


I don't have any idea what the real name of these outfits are, so I am not going to name them right away.


That's about it for now.
Once these outfit are done, I would try to have jimsonzgl (or myjimson, whichever you prefer, the same guy that made most of the outfit for MOM) do the texture, again.
Since mine are horrible as crap.

Back to Haku-

The female version ends up looking weird as heck, so I continue to make the male version.
The only thing left to do is arm guards, a piece of his neck armor and maybe the hair...
It is going to be a pain in the butt, but I will start working and see what I can do...



I just started making Haku-Man from BlazeBlue.
However, the man's body is totally new for me and I can't really do anything about it...
That chest is way too wide to work on, so I guess I will start will a female version of it.
After-all, a male is just a female without breast~~~~wwwwww

Some pic, on Dizzy

It has been quite some time between my last time doing anything up here.
So I guess I will put up something different, something that I actually worked on today.

Here is the tail:D
It is still looking simple right because I just want to take a shot first!

That's the hair cut, it is actually modified with KKK05, but looking a little shady because I delete the backbone of the hair =/
It is a little shaggy right now, but I can live with it.
The ribbon is supposed to be yellow but because of the normal map or something, I can't get it to the right color.

Anyhow, time to sleep!


Welcome to FC2!

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